Sam Harding

I build, manage and enable powerful, feature-rich SaaS & PaaS products for businesses, charities and individuals. I give my users a thorough and complete solution to the complex and ever changing challenges faced in today’s digital world.

The Cyber Desk

Fully featured, managed web security service offering free tooling


Website hosting on a secure, affordable and scalable platform

Opinion Potato

Using AI and public opinion to generate insightful datasets

The Cyber Desk Ltd | TheCyberDesk.com

TheCyberDesk.com primarily focuses on providing bullet proof website security and recovery services as well as website maintenance and support. Currently supporting large businesses through the toughest of digital challenges we face in the modern world. 

Along with the paid plans, TheCyberDesk.com hosts a powerful and well integrated multi-purpose website auditing tool, freely available to use. A scanner that covers Security, SEO and Performance whilst integrating with third party applications to bring the most comprehensive auditing tool to your fingertips.

Website Issues Found


Outages Detected On Monitored Sites

Integrated CMS

Cybrancee | Cybrancee.com

Cybrancee.com offers affordable hosting solutions, world-class customer support, eco friendly approaches and a well integrated marketplace. 

The product range is currently: Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Discord Bot Hosting, and Minecraft Hosting. VPS Hosting is currently in development with a release near the end of 2023. 

Cybrancee works with large and small businesses, as well as individuals running their own projects. Cybrancee is also integrated with Salad Technologies, a leading company in decentralizing the computing cloud.

Climate impact is a big focus point for Cybrancee. Planting a tree for every eligible paid order, and working with carbon neutral suppliers is our primary mission. Customers can also work with us to reduce the energy consumption of their website to make them even more less climate impacting.

Avg Monthly New Customers

Trees already planted / due to be planted in 2023

Trees protected / pending protection in 2023

KGs of CO2 removed over the next 10 years

Building Applications and Solutions for Businesses of Every Kind.  

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